Jethro's index-based SQL engine for Hadoop automatically indexes data as it is written into Hadoop. The result is 100X faster SQL queries that power reports, dashboards and ad-hoc requests. Read More

Hadoop as an analytic database

JethroData combines the scalability of Hadoop with the performance of an analytical database, all in one system, so you can run super-fast analytical queries directly on data in Hadoop.

Indexes vs. Full Scans

JethroData indexes every column so queries read only the data they need rather than performing brute force full-scans.

Near real-time access

As new data continuously streams in, Jethro makes it immediately available for queries. As a result, you can update dashboards and detect trends as they occur.

Use SQL and your favorite BI tool

Jethro supports standard SQL and easily integrates with your BI tools using JDBC/ODBC. Jethro’s support for complex SQL JOINs is unparalleled in its ability to perform JOINs on multiple very large tables without any restrictions.

Easy to implement

Implementing Jethro is simple and quick. It works with any standard Hadoop distribution. Jethro's indexes are built in the background and can be added to any existing Hadoop cluster. No Jethro components are installed in Hadoop storage nodes.


With the unlimited storage scale-out of HDFS and elastic query nodes, JethroData can support the loading of millions of events per minute, fast queries of TB-size tables, and hundreds of concurrent users.